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Now you can plant trees for free

For your next shopping tour, freetree will popup automatically, then just click on the button “I want to plant trees for free” (in German “Zeige Hinweis immer klein”).

You can find all of our shops here: to the freetree Shops

So small & cute

You can use freetree with a small icon as well

To do this, simply click on the large hint on “Always show hint small” or go to the settings and set this there.


Yes, you can adjust freetree exactly for you

Simply open freetree via the browser button (to the right of the address bar) and then go to Settings.

In the settings you can then set the freetree notice smaller or larger and, for example, also switch the highlighting of search results.

Any questions? Here our FAQs

freetree is super simple.

As soon as you have expanded your browser with freetree, freetree always automatically shows you which shop you can plant trees in with just one click.
Here is an example: Let’s say you surf the net and go to the page – then freetree will appear all by itself and give you the option of planting trees with your purchase on with just one click.

If you then click on “I want to plant trees for free”, you activate freetree and trees will be planted with your purchase. Freetree will also tell you immediately after your click whether the activation was successful.

Very easily. In order to install the extension, also called browser extension, you have to click on the yellow button on the top right of our website. Then you will be automatically redirected to the extension store of your browser. There you can install freetree with one click.

We support ECOSIA tree planting projects and therefore plant trees all over the world.

When shopping on the Internet, many online shops give a commission for customer recommendations. When these customers then buy, the referrer receives a small commission (Ø approx. 2-3% of net sales). freetree uses the technology from the link-o-mat cashback portal for these commissions.

Most of the commission goes directly to planting the trees through ECOSIA. We use a small part (approx. 10%) for the further development and operation of freetree and approx. 10% for marketing so that more people can participate. We will check the distribution at regular intervals, because the more people participate, the smaller the necessary share for operations and marketing and even more money can flow into planting the trees.

As soon as you visit an online shop supported by freetree, the freetree function appears automatically in the cart. It reminds you that you can plant trees while shopping with just one click.

And the best: It doesn’t cost you anything!

We attach great importance to data protection. Therefore, you can use freetree without specifying data such as email address, name, etc.

freetree is a product of bezero UG (haftungsbeschränkt). The technology was developed from link-o-mat UG (haftungsbeschränkt). 
bezero UG consists of Tobi and Matthias 🙂

We are currently in the early launch phase. Therefore, the number of trees planted is still under 10,000.

But it is already planned to integrate a live counter directly on the homepage, which shows exactly how many trees we have already planted together.